Sandy Yellow Team is a grassroots hurricane relief organization formed in the days following Hurricane Sandy by Farid Kader & his sister Rima AbdelKader.  They set out to help their grandmother clean out her damaged home, and they saw right away how many residents needed help doing the same.  Farid and Rima reached out to a few friends and family for more help.

As volunteers made their way to Staten Island from all over the city and even out of state, Farid and Rima found themselves trying to find an increasingly large group of people with limited cell signal.  By Sunday after the storm, Farid was posting meet points online with the simple instructions, “wear yellow!”

From there Farid and Rima’s crew quickly grew in to a dynamic group of dedicated hardworking volunteers, becoming known as the Yellow Team.  Over the coming weeks bonds were forged, friendships were made, and comraderie kept volunteers coming back to Staten Island day after to day to do as much they could for their New York neighbors in need.  Under Farid’s tireless leadership, Yellow Team handled demo for hundreds of houses up and down the Staten Island shoreline.  With Jason Vogel in the field everyday as foreman and with Taylor Swope directing outreach, Yellow Team naturally developed the structure necessary to operate as an effective recovery organization.

On Thanksgiving Day the Yellow Team showed en masse at a neighborhood relief site on Midland Ave to dispatch the home delivery of 1000 home cooked meals.  Everybody was wearing brand new Yellow Team t-shirts and yellow went from being a way to recognize team members, to a symbol of help and hope in the neighborhood.

Yellow Team is still out there every day helping Staten Island recover from Hurricane Sandy.  With Farid & Taylor continuing to lead the way, and with the whole team rallying behind them, Yellow Team has developed relationships with other grassroots relief organizations all over the island.  They’ve even gone so far as to develop a custom app, Disaster Dispatcher, for tracking volunteers and managing resident needs.  Moving forward with the best interests of local residents at the core of their approach, Yellow Team is committed to long term recovery efforts.  Staten Island residents, you can count on seeing their bright yellow t-shirts for months to come!


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